Singapores top women leaders shed light on the gender gap article International Women’s Day

Nevertheless, if a domestic worker encountered an employment problem or was aggrieved by a breach of the employment contract by her employer, she could lodge a complaint or file a claim with the Ministry of Manpower. To a question on whether any judicial review applications had been brought against that provision, a Singapore representative replied that the law provided for different methods, by which children born overseas could acquire citizenship. On Article 8 , it was said that media and other programmes click here to find out more had been initiated to demonstrate how women were represented in civil society, politics, foreign affairs and trade unions. The Government had no specific programmes to showcase the involvement of women in public life, but non-governmental organizations may have such programmes. Regarding the statement by an expert that Singapore was a “transit area” for trafficking in women and children, it was said that Singapore authorities conducted document and security checks at the airports and points of entry into the country.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam announced an initiative that will start in October which will include a series of engagements between the public and private sectors, as well as non-governmental organizations. These will culminate in a White Paper to be issued by the Government in the first half of 2021, which will consolidate feedback and recommendations during the sessions, to be called “Conversations on Women Development”. As it stands now, only Singaporean men can pass on their citizenship to their children born overseas. On the application of Muslim law in Singapore, it was said that Muslims in the country had the same rights and obligations as other citizens. The Administration of Muslim Law Act governed matters pertaining to Muslim religious affairs, the Shariah Court, marriage and divorce, property and certain prescribed offences.

All these have resulted in the construction of a dual role for women in both the economic and domestic spheres. ‘High risk’ pregnant women with obstetric indications attended high-risk clinics whereas ‘low risk’ pregnant women attended general clinics. At the same time, she said, her Government had to be sensitive to the different cultural and religious beliefs of its people. No legislation had specifically set out a definition of discrimination against women. In our study, only 35% of pregnant women will choose to breast feed if they were diagnosed with COVID-19. There is also limited data to guide the postnatal management of babies of mothers who tested positive for COVID-19 in the third trimester of pregnancy. Currently, possibility of infection from breast milk remain uncertain although there is recent evidence to suggest a small risk of transmission through breast feeding .

Find more key insights for the proportion of seats held by women in the national parliament in countries like Vietnam and Myanmar. In 2018, 2.4% of women aged years reported that they had been subject to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former intimate partner in the previous 12 months. Up until this month, Singaporean women living overseas could not pass citizenship rights onto their children born out-of-country – only men were given this privilege. Yet as more Singaporean men and women leave the country to work and study, the government is amending the constitution to make citizenship rights more gender-equitable.

  • As breast feeding requires close contact, direct breast feeding may be of concern in infected mothers.
  • We chose to perform an online survey as this is a rapid and convenient mode of administration.
  • Psychological sequalae of this pandemic may pose a greater conundrum than its clinical aspects.
  • The RCOG suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic increases the risk of perinatal anxiety, depression, and domestic violence in pregnant women .
  • 6.1.1 Proportion of population using safely managed drinking water services, by urban/rural.

There were provisions in the Administration of Muslim Law Act, which may not be consistent with the Convention . In launching the reservations, Singapore had considered the views of Islamic authorities. The delegation of Singapore supplied detailed written responses to questions posed by the experts at previous meetings. The Committee heard supporting comments from the head of the delegation, Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Senior Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Community Development and Sports, and the other members. You can be part of us and contribute your time or expertise to help us with administrative matters and management of our charity programmes & projects. SWE provides collegiate members with the opportunity to inspire future generations and to have fun. SWE also provides collegiate members with valuable access to a unique set of resources that sets the stage for a successful career.

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The matter would continue to be discussed in the Parliament, in view of the changing social values and realities. Another member of the Singapore delegation noted that several of the Committee’s experts had commented on the lack of specific provisions on gender discrimination in the country’s Constitution. She said Article 12 of the Constitution enshrined the principle of equality of all persons before the law and necessarily involved women in that approach. Women could make complaints about violations of their rights to the relevant authorities. There was also a variety of penal provisions, which protected the rights of women.

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As there is no convincing evidence of vertical transmission, vaginal delivery is not contraindicated in patients with COVID-19 . Thus, Caesarean section is preferred over vaginal delivery in the face of maternal deterioration and fetal compromise where delivery is imminent. However, logistical issues can arise from the transfer of patients in hospital to labour ward or the availability of operating theatre to perform a caesarean section with negative pressure to minimize the risk of transmission. Hence, clinicians should counsel women on the appropriate mode of delivery as there is a lack of data and uncertainty surrounding the risk of perinatal transmission during vaginal deliveries. The Government of Singapore, she said, had to be sensitive to the different cultural and religious beliefs of its people, as they were the foundation of the country’s social and political stability. No legislation had specifically set out a definition of discrimination against women, but she agreed that it should cover both intentional discrimination and discrimination in effect. There could be instances, however, where specific policies, laws or practices might, in effect, not be fully consistent with the Convention.

In 2007, marital rape was recognized under certain circumstances that signaled marriage breakdown. A committee called for the repeal of any kind of marital rape immunity on 9 September 2018.