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Kitchens are generally small, and toilets are often separate from washrooms. Most of these apartments were distributed during the Soviet period, and many are owned or rented by the original recipients. Present-day government buildings are often old brick edifices left over from the Soviet period. The propagandistic statues in many of the main squares were removed in the early 1990s and have been replaced with more nationalistic monuments. At the beginning of 1989, the popular movement Sajūdis announced a platform for the complete restoration of Lithuanian sovereignty. This led to closer monitoring by the Soviet Union and increased Soviet troop movements in Lithuania in an effort to maintain order. The remainder of 1989 and most of 1990 were marked by deliberations both between the Soviet government and the Lithuanian popular movement and among different parties within those constituencies.

  • And many spend time in foreign countries studying or practicing their trade.
  • There is always something happening in Lithuanian cities – even small places like Trakai – and people take full advantage of these events.
  • Doctors make house calls, especially for older people and those living on the countryside.
  • Also, be curious about her own country because Lithuanians tend to be very patriotic and proud of their history.

It is common to visit the graves of loved ones at birthdays and on 1 November (All Souls‘ Day), when most cemeteries overflow with flowers and burning candles. The first Lithuanian state was established in 1230 after Duke Mindaugas united the tribes and lands in the area. His crowning in 1252 marked the beginning of a cultural identity focused on solidarity. Further credit for the early development of this character goes to Gediminas, the principal unifier of the territory from the Baltic to the Black Sea.


I’m not sure of the history, but my German relatives also arrived during the war. My Lithuanian, Polish, and German relatives settled in Detroit.

In 1907 the first Women’s Conference took place in Kaunas. Because of possible political reaction, the women had to formulate their demands carefully.

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History and Ethnic Relations

The government allocated €245,000 ($301,000) to NGOs for victim assistance, an increase from €190,000 ($233,000) in 2019. Government-funded NGOs supported 208 trafficking victims, including the 24 identified victims and at-risk individuals, compared with 224 in 2019. A formal mechanism existed between police and NGOs to refer victims to NGO facilities; however, NGOs alleged authorities did not refer all victims to care facilities. Facilities provided short- or long-term assistance, such as health care, psychological and social counseling, and shelter, to trafficking victims.

Not everybody is super enthusiastic about dating a foreigner. There is always something happening in Lithuanian cities – even small places like Trakai – and people take full advantage of these events. You will not find them spending their free day under the covers watching Netflix.

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All were fluent in their languages, but all assimilated and learned and spoke English. Considering all my great grandparents arrived to the U.S. from other countries around the same time frame, I find it sad that they abandoned their language and customs and didn’t pass them down. I would have loved to learn these, but it is now too late. It’s also amazing that I have relatives in all three countries, but I will never know them, nor they me. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit these countries that my relatives were forced to abandon. The division of labor is by law determined by ability, certification, education, and training, but age, gender, and social connections continue to play a role in career advancement. The coming of independence ended the institutional guarantee of a job.

Younger children with working parents often stay at nursery school or kindergarten until the early evening. Families usually have close ties with parents and immediate relatives, and much of everyday life focuses on this relationship. Lithuanians often use the term „acquaintance“ and grant the title of „friend“ only to someone who is very close and like a member of the family. The primary domestic unit is the nuclear family based on a marital relationship. Households are often run by women, who have traditionally been the cooks and cleaners. This has changed because more women are discovering that if they stay home, they miss out on opportunities to make money and can lose their competitive status in the job market.